The Kuhn Foundation, based in Los Angeles and New York, has operated educational, cultural, and science/philosophy projects: the pursuit and dissemination of new knowledge and understanding in science and philosophy, the production of classical music events, and informational exchanges between the United States and China.

Currently, The Kuhn Foundation’s primary project is the production and broadcast of Closer To Truth – long-running public television / PBS stations series, website (, and Closer To Truth YouTube channel – which presents scientists and philosophers exploring the meaning and implications of big questions (Robert Lawrence Kuhn, creator/host/writer; Peter Getzels, co-creator/producer/director).

Closer To Truth content: Cosmos (philosophy of cosmology, philosophy of physics, cosmology, multiverse, quantum physics, mathematics, time, information, fine-tuning, philosophy of science, science & religion, metaphysics, truth, why something/nothing, critical thinking); Consciousness (philosophy of mind, mind-body problems, brain/mind, brain function, essence of consciousness, mental activities, personal identity, free will, subconscious, life after death, alien & diverse intelligences, parapsychology, cosmos & consciousness, critical thinking); Meaning/God (philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, existence of God, traits/nature of God, theism, atheism, agnosticism, critical thinking).

On the air since 2000, continuously since 2008, Closer To Truth has produced and broadcast 300 TV episodes, 270 since 2008 in 21 seasons (as of Fall 2022), and has broadcast them on >200 PBS and public television stations in the U.S. Since 2008, over 200,000 station-episodes have been aired. New seasons are in production.

Closer To Truth’s website features >4,000 videos and has >1.5 million webpage views/year (almost half of visitors come from outside the U.S, representing almost every country).

Closer To Truth YouTube channel: for the calendar year 2021: 22 million views; 200 million minutes watch time; subscribers: >500,000 (growing 5-10k/month); ~60% outside the US, including 10% UK, 5% India, 5% Canada.

Previously, The Kuhn Foundation produced the critically acclaimed film Khachaturian on the life and music of the Armenian-Soviet composer, which won the Best Documentary award at the 2003 Hollywood Film Festival (Peter Rosen, director; Dora Serviarian Kuhn, executive producer); China’s Challenges, three seasons of a five-part documentary series (co-produced with Shanghai Media Group; Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host/writer; Peter Getzels, director; Adam Zhu, vice chairman and executive producer), which was broadcast on PBS stations in the US, internationally and in China, and won an Emmy (Los Angeles, 2016), Telly Award (2017, 2018), and China News Award (first prize, 2013, 2018; second prize, 2015); and Voices from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty (Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host/writer; Peter Getzels, director; Adam Zhu, vice chairman and executive producer), which was nominated for an Emmy (Los Angeles, 2020).

The Kuhn Foundation was founded and funded by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who is its chairman and president.